About Us


The vision of the ILLL is to emerge and make a mark in the realms of lifelong learning and higher education through information and communication technology across the world.


The mission of the ILLL is to stimulate, support and sustain a university-wide transformation of educational and lifelong learning curricula & content and capacity building for greater awareness, acceptance and participation in and practice of the ethos of lifelong learning and ICT enabled instruction, learning and assessments by the entire DU fraternity.


  • Developing of curriculum based multimedia content for its seamless availability to all the teachers and the students of University of Delhi.
  • Setting up of a collaborative virtual learning environment for hosting content for interactions on various academic topics and issues.
  • Organizing workshops, seminars and conferences for capacity building in ICT for the Teaching Faculty, Student and Non Teaching Staff of University of Delhi.
  • Organising innovative and intellectually stimulating faculty development programmes for teachers, administrators and other staff members from University of Delhi and from institutions of higher education across country .
  • Fostering institutional collaborations- national as well as international- toward furthering the vision, mission and objectives of ILLL.
  • Organising life enriching, employability enhancing and career-oriented courses for the students of University of Delhi.
  • Developing of Universities capabilities and expertise on the matters pertaining to life long learning and ICT mediated instruction, learning and assessments.
  • Facilitated education, research and training on best practices and innovations in the areas of lifelong learning and ICT-enabled instruction, learning and assessment.
  • Incubating innovations in curricula and content of higher education.
  • Undertaking and promoting multipal pathways of Lifelong Learning at the University of Delhi or through inter-institutional collaborations.
  • Taking leadership in inovation, creation and implementation of quality and sustainable higher education opportunities for all.