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Capacity Building Initiatives @ ILLL

Since inception ILLL has been committed to upgrading knowledge of advanced learners in the field of ICT, creation of e-contents and discipline centric courses. Advanced learners including teachers and heads of the institutes need to adapt themselves to the use of ICT to facilitate teaching and administration. For this purpose, training workshops and conferences are regularly organized to upgrade the skills of faculty and staff with cutting edge technology.
List of activities under capacity building initiatives at ILLL:

Activites Date
Invitation of MOOC’s Preparation (For more Information: Click Here ) 10th Oct, 2019
Two day Orientation/ Counselling Programme for DU-PG entrance examination in Delhi University. 28 June,2019 & 1st July, 2019
Skype meeting with researchers of G&R studies at universities in various Europeans counties. 20th April, 18th May, 5th September, 2018
WMOOC Workshop with Prof. Andrew Thangaraj, IIT Madras 30th March 2016
MOOC Workshop with Ashwani Sharma, Google India Head 10th March 2016
MOOC Workshop for DU teachers with Dr. Gurpreet Singh Tuteja 04th March 2016
MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) Inauguration 15th Feb 2016
Capacity-Building Workshop, Computer Science 04th Feb 2016
Capacity-Building Workshop, Hindi 03rd Feb 2016
Capacity-Building Workshop, Commerce 02nd Feb 2016
Capacity-Building Workshop, History 01st Feb 2016
Capacity-Building Workshop, Mathematics 29th Jan 2016
Capacity-Building Workshop, Political Science 27th Jan 2016
Capacity-Building Workshop, English 25th Jan 2016
Capacity-Building Workshop, Computer Science 04th Feb 2016
Two day workshop on Innovation project DR-208 “ Developing e-Learning skills in Scientific Communication”. 22nd and 23rd December 2015
MOOCs: A Revolution in Learning , Dr. Gurpreet Singh Tuteja 09th September 2015
NCWEB, Computer Awareness 5 days workshop 23rd March 2015
Interactive workshop for the fellows/ faculty on issues dealing with “E-content -Intellectual Property Issues and Multimedia Enrichment Techniques 19th September and 22nd September 2014
NCWEB, Computer Awareness 5 days workshop 23rd March 2015
Workshop for English Teachers to facilitate and disseminate ILLL e-resources. 02 May 2014
दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय के प्राध्यापकों के लिए " हिंदी माध्यम में अध्ययन सामग्री का निर्माण" विषय पर दो दिवसीय कार्यशाला 26-27 March 2014
Workshop on ICT for DU teachers. 21-22 March 2014
Two day workshop for 30 college teachers on “Biology and Biotechnology of Cultivable Mushrooms” 18-19 February 2014
Two day workshop on "Power of Ethics in Learning" in collaboration with Center for Ethics and Values, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi 20-21 March 2013
Workshop for training teachers in Hindi computer typing in collaboration With the help of Rashtriya Parikshan Seva, Bharat, Bhartiy Bhasha Sansadhan, Mysore, Kendriya Hindi Santhan, Agra, Manav Sansadhan Vikas Mantralaya 15-16 March, 2013
Workshop on Understanding Creative Commons was held in collaboration with Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi 20 February 2013
Lecture on Biology at UDSC, ILLL. 15 November 2013
Lecture on Opportunities in Drug Discovery at UDSC, ILLL 22 March 2013
One day workshop on Understanding the Intellectual Property Rights at UDSC, ILLL 21 March 2013
Workshop hands on training in Biotechnology in collaboration with Miranda House, University of Delhi 9-12 January 2013
Hands on workshop for student of B.Sc. (Life Sc.), Food and Nutrition in collaboration with Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi. 10-12 February 2011
Workshop on Chemistry lab safety for delhi University Chemistry teachers in Collaboration with Ministry of Defence (DRDO) 31 August 2010
Opening of e-learning portal of the University of Delhi and workshop for teachers on using e-Learing Portal 21 May 2010
ICT workshop for DU officials attended by the Vice-Chancellor, Senior University officials, Deans, Head of the Department and Principals. 13-14 November 2009
Pilot workshop for teacher's empowerment through capacity building in ICT skills in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation, India 20-24 April 2009
Master trainer workshops on Developing Champions of ICT Capacity for faculty members in various colleges 17-18 August 2009,
31 August-21 September 2009
14-25 September 2009
Regular meetings with fellows at ILLL for e-content Development at both, Main centre and south campus centre. Morethen 70 such meetings have been held with fellows to discuss the planning, organization and review of e-content in the form of e-lesson, e-leacture, e-labs and e-quizess Since 2008